4. Send a message

The async_signMessage function sends a message to the wallet, for user signing. Several types of messages can be signed. At the moment, SIWC supports "authentication" and "revocation" types.

// Request the full message object ready to be signed by user
let objMsg = await this.siwc.async_createMessage(_idWallet, objCreate);

// now send message for user authentication
let objAuth = this.siwc.async_signMessage(_idWallet, objMsg, "authentication");

If successful, the API async_signedMessage will return an object with the following attributes:

  • connector: string ; the connector used for signMessage ("SIWC" for Cardano)

  • signature: string ; the COSE (cardano) signed message

  • key: string ; the COSE key

  • type: string ; the type of message ("authentication" or "revocation")

  • issued_at: string ; the UTC date time when the message was issued

  • valid_for: number ; how many seconds this message is valid for (from time of issued_at)

  • address: string ; the address of the signing entity (for sever validation)

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