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We are on twitter @SignWithWallet (; alternatively, leave a comment on the GitHub repo

What this is about

Sign-In with Wallet(SIWW) is a form of authentication that enables users to authenticate into applications via their wallet credentials instead of relying on a traditional intermediary such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other web 2 social apps. SIWW effort standardizes the authentication method with best practices by implementing the oAuth 2.0 protocol and making use of web3 resources, in our case wallets, granting access, and message signature.

In this document, the names SIWW or SignWithWallet are used to refer to the same sevice provided for delegated authentication.

The first implementation of SIWW is delivered on the Cardano blockchain, including the connection with most Cardano wallets. For this reason, we also refer to SIWC, which stands for Sign-in with Cardano.

Requirements for SIWC:

  • NodeJS

  • A Cardano Wallet as a browser plugin

  • A Cardano account accessible from the wallet, in production

Getting Started

Got 5 minutes? Check out this video to see an end-to-end implementation of delegated authentication from a sample NodeJS app, into the SignWithWallet service.

Specs: Jump right in

Interested in the detailed specs? jump-in!


Good to know: a good part of the project is delivered as open-source.

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