3. Create a message

The async_createMessage function prepares a message ready for signing. If input params are incorrect, the function will fail, otherwise it will return a full message object, ready for consumption by the async_sendMessage API.

// Basic message required input params 
let objParam= {
    message: "A message for authenticating the user",
    version: "1.0",
    valid_for: 300, 

// Request the full message object ready to be signed by user
let objMsg = await this.siww.async_createMessage(_idWallet, objParam);

Note that a fully formed message object contains property/values as follows:

  • domain: string ; dns authority that is requesting the signing

  • address: string ; address performing the signing

  • message: string ; message statement that the user will sign

  • version: string ; version of the message

  • chain: string ; chain that is being queried

  • name: string ; name of wallet being queried

  • api: object ; specific wallet api for calling signMessage, or null if generic

  • issued_at: date ; when this message was created

  • valid_for: number ; how many seconds the message is valid (after issued_at)

  • nonce: number ; randomized number used to prevent replay attacks

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